Be Phenomenal or Be Forgotten with Eric Thomas


Eric Thomas is a force.
He has a rare ability to connect with people and deliver a message that is equal parts powerful and personal.  He has made a living by setting ridiculous goals for himself and his company and working toward those goals with a laser like focus and intensity. 
“Patience & consistency turn into success”
We had a great conversation all about the role coaches have played in his life and how he recruits and coaches the people who work for him.  We get into how he has stayed himself despite his raise in notoriety and fame.  As well as how he creates balance within his life and what his normal morning routine looks like.
We had a great conversation and it could’ve lasted for a lot longer.  It was awesome getting to spend 30 minutes with ET and hopefully you get as much out of the conversation as I did.
Topics covered:
Goal Setting
Role of coaches
Morning routines
Work/life balance
“Stop being in a hurry to get to the end”