Creating abundance and fulfillment through work/life integration




What if someone could tell you exactly how to create abundance and fulfillment?

What if you could go into every day at work and know that you are 100% committed to bringing your strengths to the team and not just focused on what you can take away from your day?


What if you could great integration between your daily responsibilities at work and personal life without feeling like you have to subtract things to make it work?

Today’s guest on The Sixth Option Podcast shares some great insight into how to integrate your work and life so you feel rewarded.

Tracy Brower is an awesome woman, she gained a better understanding of how work and life need to integrate when she decided to go back to school.  With a career, family and school to handle she took the time to evaluate her own life and get a grasp on her NO so she could better integrate her goals into her own life.

“The world we experience is the world we expect to experience.  It’s about perspective”

Tracy Brower is a work environment sociologist, author, wife, mother of two, and Director of Human Dynamics + Work for Herman Miller. She studies how humans affect their work-life and how it affects them back. Getting her PhD, MM, and MCR degrees has given her lots of opportunities to learn how much there is to learn. Her blog, Fruition, focuses on workLIFEstories and all things abundant. Her book, Bring Work to Life by Bringing Life to Work: A Guide for Leaders and Organizations provides new perspectives on work-life balance and how to create abundance and fulfillment in work and life.

Listen up; take assessment of whether or not your work/life is where you want it.

 Some questions I ask:

  • How did you start researching work/life balance?

  • Are there generational/gender differences with work/life balance?

  • What role does leadership play in creating an environment of work/life integration?

  • Have we created our own imbalance with technology?

“If you want to go fast go alone.  If you want to go far go together”

 – African Proverb

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