Creating and controlling your personal brand with Hajj Flemings



Hajj Flemings is . . .

Hajj is the founder of Brand Camp University the largest personal branding conference in the Midwest.  He has expanded his personal branding conference to New York and Boston.  He is also the author of “The Brand YU Life: Re-thinking Who You Are Through Personal Brand Management” which was selected as one of Fast Company Magazine 2008 Readers Choice Business Books of the year.

"Being an entrepreneur means being an animal.  I have to get up everyday and kill what I eat"

He has been featured on WDIV 4 (NBC),  Fox 2 News,, and travels nationally speaking as a brand strategist enabling personal and business brands to remain relevant.  His clients include Walt Disney, Ford Motor Company, Skechers Footwear, U.S. Department of Defense (Telecom Division).  He has spoken at Iowa State University, Davidson College, University of Michigan and numerous colleges and universities around the nation on personal branding, social media and career development.

"Perfect is the enemy of done"

Hajj is also a columnist who writes about technology, social media and branding for small business.

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