The Art of Taking The First Step - A Conversation with Scott Dane



Not many people take action like today’s guest on The Sixth Option Podcast.

Scott Dane is the executive director of the Capital Area Soccer League, Head Soccer Coach at Grand Ledge High School and one of the driving forces behind the new Beacon Soccer Field project in downtown Lansing.

Scott has always been the type of person who generates ideas and then attacks them exhausting every possibility he can to reach his end goal.  I’ve been involved with Scott in many charity events and projects around the Lansing area and he’s always ready to jump in and take action.

In this episode we talk about what’s inspired him to take action on his various initiatives as well as he’s thoughts on failure, getting comfortable and fear.

Some of the questions asked in this episode

   How do you deal with setbacks and failure

   Do you ever feel comfortable?

   What do you think stops people from taking action?

    How do you manage time?


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Beacon Soccer Field

Capital Area Soccer League

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